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A major project requieres a major preparation . The higher the level we reach, the more difficult it is to achieve.

Whether it´s a triathlon or a cycle-race, those things are not going to work out with out preparation. Sticking to a regular exercise schedule isn’t easy. After all, there are plenty of potential hindrances — time, boredom, injuries or self-confidence. I am not going to explore the best way how to prepare for a competition (how dare me!) I tell you how I do it and I have a little help. As I improve my skills, I share everything I know on my blog. By telling what I know about my hobby, I learn more, make new connections with people, find new opportunities and at least, I will have some fun.

I for my person, I see myself as a woman with a cycling passion, fascinated on what the human mind is capable to achieve when challenged. I am not afraid to share some details with you, because I am not in a competition with anyone else except with myself.

I am also aware, that a lot of successful athletes read my blog and for you, the blog posts are useless, because it don´t tell you anything you don´t already know. But there is huge number of people out there who don´t know all those things yet and they are open, curious and eager to know. I just take advantage of the fact that there’s always someone out there who doesn’t know as much as you do.

I am not an expert but I  tell you what I know:

First and foremost, there are many, many ways to train for races, successful endurance training is unique to the individual. We’re humans, not machines. I belong to the category: hilly = strong cyclist course in order of my major goal, the Ötztaler cycle race, I belong to the hilly ones. This is trained differently than a flat road cyclist (I can´t share Information I don´t exactly know but I know they are trained differently). My training plan is scheduled for six times a week.

My main work during the winter time is gaining power by strenght leg-workout. I am doing squats, leg press, sidestep, plank, lower back workout twice a week followed by a run or a indoor cycling sesh (one hour). This training is quite intensive about three hours a day. The rest of the four days are the “easier” ones. Running or cycling always alternating but maximum one to one and a half hour. Cycling four times a week on a hometrainer is almost torturous I would be bored to death, outsmarting myself, I have varied training sessions which are more effective for my motivation. Because of full time working, the training has to fit in my working schedule.  At the weekends I have longer endurance sessions like cycling 02:30 or running 01:30. The trick is to remain stable for a long period of time. During the winter time I work out 9 to 10 hours a week, every damn week. Except I have a good reason not to work out or I skip my training because I have other stuff to do. I am a human, not a machine. I am a passionate cyclist, not a pro. In summer, I will be be on my bike almost every day, I don´t know my training plan for upcoming season yet, but once I know, I will let you know.

The workout sounds harder than it is. In fact, it´s absolutely possible to work on it if you are willingly to put the work in. What may sound complicated is in fact not magic but a process based on a solid statistical calculatet base.

The training camp is part of my basictraining and will help me to increase my performance by cycling every day several hours per day, to get the much needed early form. The race season starts with spring. I have to be careful not “to burn out”, so my coach will tell me what kind of races I am going to take part to get my body strong enough to survive Ötzi.

Who challenges with whom depends vehemently on your training plan. From my own experience I have met a few female cyclists who scared the shit out of me. While racing, you are confronted with the strong ones in their agegroups, trained properly and racing fast. Most of the woman are strong cyclists. I can´t believe my eyes how they race up the mountains like flying weightless,  me not standing a single chance. But that´s the challenge you get confronted with: either you are IN or you are OUT. That´s the thrill! Not to mention my one or two post-race-depressions, that comes from my own expections too high, and the races basically force me to go back to the ground. More importantly, I try to think more objective: those stunningly racing women are women like you and me, with the sole difference, that they are double and triple disciplined as you and I,  their strenght and power is no magic, it´s a result of a work  very well done.

So what tells us that? Making one step by a time, there is no right and no wrong, just keep on going!

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