Simple Acts of Self-Discipline that Will Make You a Better Cyclist

There are a variety of ways and several possibilities to a person´s realization of achievement, wheter it´s athletic success in cycling, running in triathlon or any other terms of life, wheter it´s your work ethic, your fitness, your diet, or your relationship, there is particulary one way for it´s success to be substainable in the long-term, only one way for lasting success in all ascpects of life: the Self-discipline.

Referring to a study from the University of Chigago in 2013 from german and american scientific work, self-discipline is a learned behavoir. It requires repetiton in your every-day-life and practice, practice, practice. In other words, self-discipline is nothing less than the constantly repetition of a specific type of behavoir. And this leads us to the header: „Simple Acts of Self-discipline that will make you a better cyclist“.

As the word constantly repetition explains itself, a successful cyclist is a cyclist who constantly rides his bike. Nah, this is no news to us. The tricky question is, how do I get myself so far to constantly work on a daily routine ? To improve your own Self-discipline I have bundled some ways for gaining a better control. A better control will lead you to a better workout, to more motivation and by making simple changes in your everyday routine it will help you to break bad habits, make good ones and help to improve your control. A healthy amount of Self-discipline will lead you to positive decisions more easily, you will rather make choices not emotional but rational and you are not going to allow yourself to make your choices by impulses or feelings . Most of all, you are going to be more capable of dealing with goals.

1.    Ditching the bad influences
Because every human being is different and learns in his or her own way, the possibilities of bad influences are endless. But you know best. Removing all bad influence is a first step when working on your Self-discipline. If you have troubles eating healthy at work, because they don´t serve healthy food, toss the junkfood and make your breakfast/lunch/dinner by your own. So you are taking control over what you eat. If you know you can´t go out just with drinking one glass of Wine/Beer/Whatsoever, stay at home, skip the party and thank yourself later. I can therefore talk from my own experience, the most party´s are wastet time. But the wastet time isn´t the time itself to celebrate (which are most of the time always fun) the wastet time is the day after when you are incapable of cycling or working out because of partying too hard, staying out all night, just stay at home! We have a wide range of alternatives. Netflix is awesome. Athletic success means staying healthy, being rested and most of all, being sober. Quit smoking. You are not going to ride fast with a burning lung. If you are really having trouble, do not hestitate to get some help for a set period of time. If you are a long-sleeper, stand up early. Yes, I know. But give it a shot, you are much better off when you start early in the day and it will allow you to be more productive, ride earlier and you will thank you for it. It´s incredible hard to stay disciplined but with the time comes the routine and with the routine comes the common situation and everything seems to be easily. But this is deceptive. In fact, it´s a everyday work.

2.    Eat
Hunger makes it really difficult. Hunger makes everything difficult. Your ability to concentrate is low. Hunger causes tiredness and emotional stress, no good basis for a long-term success and surely not for athletic success, not to mention making you pessimistic, lethargic, grumpy, steals you joy and motivation. Eat! Make sure that you are fueled throughout the day with healthy stuff, protein and everything you need. Eating often regulates your blood sugar and improves your performance, nevertheless it helps you to make decisions unemotionally rational and you are concentrated.  Allow your brain to focus on goals.

3.    Stop the Auto-Pilot
Breaking a bad habit and building a new one firstly feels wrong. We are creatures of a habit and it is very important to us that we have always the same routine. Therefore, breaking a bad habit takes courage to let go, taking responsibilties and creating a new one. When a behavoir becomes a habit, we stop using our decision-making-skills and use our auto-pilot.  Just break the auto-pilot and know for yourself it will take a while to create a new habit but switch around. Don´t get too routined in everything you do. Surprise yourself more often and experience around. Always work on new habits and create new ones. So you avoid to get stucked in routine. Change habits. Embrace the wrong. It takes a while until the new regime to feel right or good or natural. But it will, just break the auto-pilot.

4.    Rewards for yourself
Now we are going over to the comfy part. Do not forget, you are a hardcore working human being. Eliminating a bad habit and working on a new and also increasing athletic performance do not work out sometimes. In fact, it can happen that the result is dissapointing but that doesn´t mean you don´t deserve something good.  The dealing with your everyday goals will be rewarded and it´s essential that you treat yourself in the best way imaginable. Self-discipline can be hard. Reward your effort with whatever your limits are, but do!

Ein Gedanke zu “Simple Acts of Self-Discipline that Will Make You a Better Cyclist

  1. Great article!
    I think for me, from my experience self discipline is so much easier when one has goals that are accurate, uptodate and meaningful.
    The individual needs short, medium and long term goals to tick off and celebrate and these need to be updated whenever nesessary. Work back from long term goal so for example, that may be to compete in a race in 9 months from now. Medium term goal should be building 4-9 months out – increasing work capacity, lactate work and other specifics. Short term 0-4 months, less specific say riding more each week, sorting equipment, body weight etc.
    Once the goals are defined you kind of fall into self discipline by ticking off each week.
    That’s what I’ve found in my experience anyway.


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