Intro to Charlotte

Hi ! I am really excited and I am highly motivated to start writing my own blog – I am going to report on my experiences on cycling, my preparations for the Oetztaler cyclemarathon in 2016, I am going to report about the up and downs in training, the struggles, the good the bad and the ugly –  but first of all, let me introduce myself.

I have been training for cycling almost three years now – well, the first year you can´t call training, but I count it in, and I can´t imagine my life without sports anymore. Cycling improves my mental strenght and teach me patience, perseverance, struggle, commitment and a lot of more. I can make goals and work towards to success. It also gives me happiness, friendship, love and health. I learned some great lessons:  staying healthy is the most basic and important element of athletic success and the second lesson is: you can achieve anything you want. This should be my motto for the hardest cyclemarathon my country has to offer: racing 236km and 5000hm in august 2016.

I am studying cycling: research, analyse, observing other cyclists, learning, gaining new perspectives – the more you study, the closer you will get to your goals. Follow my journey and let me share my thoughts with you. Be my sportbuddy in mind!

I can´t wait to start writing for my blog and check out my Instagram account for more pictures and motivation @fastnfab_017

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